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The Internet's new way of dressing

The Basic Idea

Welcome to the KiMoNo Webpage.

Behind this strange page there is the idea to implement an open-source multi-service platform for peer to peer in order to realize an autonomous, indipendent and anonymous network, where people can get different and out-of-business information and give their contribute in a free and democratic way.

This can be achieved only in a peer-to-peer network contest, otherwise who gives resources (hardware, bandwidth ...) will expect always something back.

The high bandwidth capability of a lot of users makes possibile to serve something more than the old good file-sharing. One of these new services we have in mind is the capability of viewing a resource during the download (like YouTube service), or viewing real-time events (like CoolStreaming/SopCast/PPlive). There are several services and there are many avantages to have them in the same network, if the network is well architected!

At the user's point of view, every service is a "plugin" of the program and can be downloaded on demand, like browsers do with some applications.

The services are presented to the user in the less-invasive manner: as webpages (with streaming contents for example, or RSSĀ feed that inform the user about changes of the state of a resource).
No imposed media-player.
View it with any device (e.g. mediacenter directly connected with TV or speaker, embedded devices).
Interact with others application as an internet site.

Considering that the media entertainement will be the next fronteer for a lot of business, would be a great thing if the open-source people can have its one.

Read the Technical Page for more information, or go to the AboutUs to know how to collaborate

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